We are a change agency.

Mowgli is a global team of innovators with an authentic and humble desire to help brands & businesses foster change.

Through a smarter way of working, a global vision and a strategic approach, we change how visionary entrepreneurs and managers do business. We help them grow and evolve.

Because that’s how we grow too.

We breathe and think in a digital world.

We adapt and evolve with it. We are always up to date with the latest trends and tools. Change and Innovation are our mantras.

We are no gurus—we are your co-creators.

We build authentic relationships, based on trust and accountability. We want to listen, understand, to care and to think strategically for your brand and for the sustainable change you’re bringing to the world.

We are here to help you. Simply and really.

If you evolve, we evolve. If you grow, we grow — and vice versa. That’s why we want to help and support you.

We are Mowgli

Our Team

The Mowgli team is a quirky mix of people, with different backgrounds and living in three continents, which contributes to a fresh and unique vision.

We came together with a vision for a different kind of company, based on radical freedom, transparency and personal responsibility. We believe that our work matters when it helps our clients to make a difference and the change they want to bring to the world.

Each Mowgli collaborator is a carefully chosen professional with at least a few years of experience in the fields of digital marketing, design, web development and strategy consulting, and has worked with clients ranging from startups and NGOs to Fortune500 companies.

This unique mix provides a perfect balance of analytical and creative skills, which all contribute to world-class deliverables.

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Gianpaolo Faccini

Founder & Project manager


Jonathan Michael Kahan

Founder & Strategist


Elisabetta Crovara

Content writer


James Newton

UX Designer


Violetta Gatti

Social media strategist


Olivia Terragni

SEO Specialits


Giada Maldotti

Brand Strategist


Daniele Besana

Web Specialist


Hanny Kusumawati

Content Writer

Our global partners, helping us and supporting our mission

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