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GMV is an Italian company that develops highly innovative medical devices, accompanied by continuous scientific medical research that demonstrates their reliability and effectiveness. Their flagship product, Plexr, has revolutionized the cosmetic surgery industry by creating an entirely new category of non-invasive devices to perform “soft surgery”. A proudly 100% made in Italy company, GMV has also developed its own Academy to ensure cosmetic physicians can help people feel well in their skin.

GMV had two main problems. First, their market leadership with Plexr was being challenged by lower quality clone-products. Second, unlike the product name Plexr, the company name GMV was not well-known in the sector, hindering the company’s market potential with upcoming product launches.

We carefully listened to the client’s brief and helped them get some clarifying insight on the situation. We then suggested to launch two iconic brand awareness campaigns, one for doctors and one for patients, to be deployed across social media, for which we developed the whole creativity.

The idea campaigns were meant to create an association between Plexr, an already well-known market-leading product, and it’s only, original manufacturer: GMV. We then helped them redesign their multiple websites and optimize them for organic ranking, and we are in the process of deploying social media and Adwords campaigns.


Helping GMV differentiate itself from competitors and strengthening its brand and the original manufacturer of Plexr.


Coming soon…

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