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Hubud is possibly one of the most celebrated and iconic co-working spaces in the world. In their own words, it is “an international headquarters, where people from diverse walks of life could unite and be inspired: by ideas, by the atmosphere, and by each other. A place where revolutionary innovations are spearheaded and trailblazers can flourish. A place where dreamers and truth-seekers can recover from the life they no longer believed in, and create something soul-affirming for themselves”.

Hubud created in Bali a new model of co-working space, and it was soon followed by others. We have been helping Hubud keep its edge and communicating its uniqueness by deploying a range of digital marketing tools.

We started by helping Hubud emerge organically on search engines by developing a SEO strategy and implementing it on its websites. We then devised an ideal conversion funnel and  deployed multichannel campaign across several social media platforms, on Google Adwords and through email campaigns.

We trained the company’s personnel in using the WordPress CMS and tracking campaign performance. Finally, we have been entrusted with the online management of several events, including website design and development and conversion funnel monitoring.


Helping Hubud acquire and convert new leads for the co-working space and related events and spread its awesomeness.


We successfully increased the lead generation and conversion rate of different programs.

We optimised the website trained their staff to better manage landing page and static pages.

We improved the funnles and planned a content startegy creating ad hoc SEO contents for the blog.

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